Motion activated toilet Toilet Night light Bowl - Features 8 Changing Colors Mode - Battery Operated

  • $9.99
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  • THE TOILET NIGHT LIGHT SENSOR DETECTS MOTION IN DARKNESS - The led toilet night light is activated by high quality light and motion sensors. It turns on when motion is detected around your toilet bowl in dark, lighting your way in the bathroom. Thereby, you and your kids avoid bumping into obstacles in the bathroom. Turns off only after a few minutes of non active motions.
  • FITS ALL SIZES TOILET BOWLS, EASY TO INSTALL AND EASY TO CLEAN. Just hang the light on the side of your toilet with the flexible arm, no need to use a sticker, convenient to remove and keeps your toilet clean. Sleek and stylish design, delicate ornament,and soft PVC neck can be flexibly bent for more convenience .Suitable for all bathrooms: home, hotel, restaurant, schools, institutions, office, coffee house, etc.
  • ENERGY AND MONEY SAVER - Battery operated. Most night lights use home energy and increase your electricity bills. This saves you money.
  • 8 DIFFERENT COLORS OPTION, COLORS ROTATE OR COLOR SET personalized settings! Sets to color-rotate or single-color. 8 color option (Blue, Red, Green, Aqua, Rose, Purple, Yellow, or White) to Match your home decor and have coordinating bowls of light effect.
  • BUY NOW- RISK FREE - 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEED we'll refund you immediately if you are not satisfied with our products - We want our clients to be completely satisfied. We have improved the quality to a very high standard. So we are confident that you will be happy. Therefore we are ready to offer if it does not work or is found defective, 100% MONEY BACK!